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Brief Bio

In professional terms, I would describe myself as a Technologist and Knowledge Manager. My academic pursuits focus on the ways in which individuals, organizations, society, and culture, affect and are affected-by technology. In other words, I enjoy studying and working with people-and-technology.

I started my own business when I was fifteen, working as an IT Consultant for home offices.

In college I studied Business Management , specializing in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology (EIT). I was also accepted into a summer study abroad program in International Business, spending roughly eight-weeks traveling through Japan and Hong Kong.

After college I worked for a multinational management and technology consulting firm. During my tenure with this organization I was put up for promotion during my first three-months of employment, which required special approval as the minimum employment period was six-months before you could be submitted for promotion. I was subsequently promoted again the following year and earned a special award for outstanding performance.

In 2010 I was accepted into the Master’s Degree (M.S.) program in the department of Science and Technology in Society (STS) at Virginia Tech — it just so happened that my alma mater was one of the best institutions to study this field. Finally, after completing my MS in 2012, I chose to continue my studies to pursue a doctorate in the same field, STS.

Current Status

I am employed full time as Professional Faculty at Virginia Tech, providing providing Service Management (i.e., I’m not a professor). Also, I am actively pursuing my doctorate (Ph.D.) in the field of Science and Technology Studies at Virginia Tech (


Current – Service and Strategic Management, ITAS

2015 to 2016 – Server Support Engineer, ITAS

2011 to 2015 – Graduate Assistant,  Department of IT for Administrative Services (ITAS)

Graduate Assistant (GA) for an Information Technology department, supporting an operations oriented segment of Virginia Tech University. Primary responsibilities:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Documentation / Technical Writing
  • Technology Assessment and Support


2006 to 2009 – Consultant, BearingPoint Inc.

Provided business analysis and team support for client engagements and internal business initiatives. Responsibilities included supporting proposal development, information organization and redistribution, documentation, web publishing, and other team duties as assigned.

  • Recognized as Solution Matter Expert for multiple company-wide tools (SharePoint, EMC eRoom, Vignette Collaboration/Intraspect, etc.) and intra-team resources.
  • Repeatedly requested to produce reports and recommendations for senior leadership. Most recently worked on establishing a migration timeline and project plan, for BearingPoint’s partial acquisition by Deloitte.
  • Designed file storage, information taxonomy, and policies and standards on use, for Public Services employees (approx. 4000).
  • Assigned to improve IT asset utilization and standardization through server consolidation and virtualization resulting in a cost reduction of over $150K annually.
  • Promoted twice in two years and received award for outstanding performance.



In Progress – Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies, Virginia Tech

2012  – M.S. in Science and Technology Studies, Virginia Tech

2006 – B.S. in Management: Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation, Virginia Tech