Current Position

Service & Knowledge Management, IT for Administrative Services at Virginia Tech
Full-Time Professional Faculty

What I Do

As a direct report to the Executive Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives, I support a segment of the university with Service Management. Additionally, I continue to serve in a Service and Knowledge Management role for major IT department at the University.


Okay. I help departments to think strategically about their unit, function, and business processes in order to document, assess, and improve their capabilities and offerings. Within my own department this resulted in the creation and launch of such things as a Client Portal, Service Catalog, in concert with a new IT Service Management platform.

Still unclear, this sounds like ‘business speak’…

Alright, at its most basic level what I do consists of the following:

Creating and guiding the creation of technical documentation, such as how to guides, details of system configurations and settings, and procedures.

Formalizing and assessing business processes — answering questions like what do we do, how do we do it, why do we do it, and should we be doing things differently?

Establishing procedures/policies, such as standard operating procedures, defining roles and responsibilities, etc.