About Adam Smith of ThinkAdam.com

Simply put I enjoy working with people and technology.

I started on this road when I was fifteen, providing in-home IT services for executive home offices. There was a niche need to offer IT support for early remote work, home networking, guidance, and troubleshooting.

Following my first degree, a bachelor’s in Business Management, I began working as a consultant for an international firm in Washington DC. Although I advanced quickly, consulting was hit hard in 2009’s recession and I looked to my next steps.

In the spring of 2010 I began my graduate career, earning my master’s degree in Science and Technology Studies (STS) with a focus on technology policy. I also pursued my doctorate, passing my prelim exams, defending my proposal, and starting my dissertation. However, I chose to break from my doctoral work in 2015, a very difficult decision, for a few reasons. Among those reasons, acknowledging that the cost of a personal achievement was career potential — while I loved being in academia, I knew I was not looking to be a professor.

During graduate school, I worked for Virginia Tech to pay for my degrees as a Service Delivery Manager and Server Engineer for their Division of Operations IT. While I greatly enjoyed the job, the opportunities in Blacksburg Virginia were limited and when I had no more family in the state, I headed west.

In 2019 I took a job in Austin Texas, to be near family and to take advantage of a great market for technologists.

About This Website

This is my personal and semi-professional website to share my thoughts, resume, and limited online presence.