A partial cataloging my professional projects.

Real Estate Management System (REMS)

Identified unmet needs and proposed expanding a minor project, based on need and available funding opportunities, to be expanded from minor improvements for a single team, to launching an enterprise-class solution to fully serve the needs of the division, organization, and customers.

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Solution

Fully implemented and managed the transition from a limited ticketing system to a new ITSM for the Division of Operations IT department at Virginia Tech. This involved managing the vendor; performing the front and backend configurations; writing all copy and initial Knowledge Base articles; and providing multi-level training (e.g., supervisors, technicians, primary end-users).

Smart Locker Pilot

Took over the pilot program for a university “smart locker” system, allowing the Mail Services department to store parcels in secure accessible lockers. This involved documenting and completing system configuration; managing the web portal API calls; securing the system endpoint; overseeing system repairs; and providing training.

Division IT Governance

Tasked with formally establishing IT governance for the university’s Division of Operations. This involved researching best practices; extensive technical writing; and achieving consensus from key stakeholders and division leadership on the final product.

Industrial Energy Analytics Solution & Infrastructure Support

Brought on to support the launch of an industrial monitoring and analytics platform. This involved configuring various infrastructure endpoints (e.g., data loggers, industrial routers, etc.); working with the vendor to track the completion of deliverables; and performing ongoing research and testing of suboptimal supportive systems.

Network Infrastructure Management Server

Initiated the project to more effectively manage our network infrastructure. This involved identifying a suitable solution; configuring the new network management server; establishing proper standardization of configurations; and training the enterprise team.

Mass SharePoint Migration 

Upon discovering mass use of “shadow IT” SharePoint instances, I successfully proposed the creation and migration of disparate hosted site collections to an official internal solution. This involved the from-scratch launch of a production ready SharePoint server installation; coordinating the migration of multiple sites without breaching service level agreements (SLAs); and maintaining the solution moving forward. 

Division Audit & Assessment of IT Operations

Requested to audit IT operations in parallel to an external auditor in order to provide comparative results on the state of the department. This involved researching industry standards and best practices; performing performance assessments and benchmarking; and making recommendations to senior leadership.