Writing Itch: Personal IT Projects 

A writing itch post satiates my need to put some thoughts to text and generate some site content in the process. 

I’ve been thinking through ways to better organize the physical devices in my home and various IT projects. Besides the benefit of improving my use of space, doing this kind of cleanup and inventory puts me in mind to think though my next personal projects. 

Current Systems

  • DNS Services 
    • Pi-Hole DNS Ad-blocking – pi-hole.net 
    • Unbound Recursive DNS – unbound.net 
  • Media Servers 
    • Plex (Primary and a Backup) – plex.tv  
  • Home Network 
    • Unifi Network – ui.com 
    • Unifi Protect (Cameras) – same 
  • NAS (Synology 56TB)  
    • Backups 
    • Docker 
  • Personal IT Security Update 
    • Hardware Token Migration 
    • Dividing Up MFA Authentications 

Project Board 

  • Exchange to O365 Migration for Retired Family Email 
  • Evaluate Long-Term Support for Combination Pi-Hole and Unbound DNS devices for Family 
  • Setting-up Additional Family with Password Managers
  • Plex 4K Media Testing
  • New Desktop & Media Server Build 
    (Given the state of the PC parts market globally, this is basically on hold for at least another year)
  • Home Office Meeting Setup Upgrades (Changing setup, adding key lights, chroma key backdrop)