Full-Force February

Past kickoff, my enterprise engagement comes with the usual workloads, pressures, and surprises, leaving me a bit sapped at the end of the day that past few weeks. A typical engagement does drain my energies, but in this case, the need to be running multiple projects simultaneously can be a bit more trying.  Although this is my first enterprise project with my current employer, there is comfort in the elements of this work that are consistent: Keeping the project on track, maintaining momentum, and managing interactions.  However, one particular issue, while a bit too fresh, piques my interest for a longer … Continue reading Full-Force February

Writing Itch: Enterprise, Engage 

[Work-in-Progress – Updates to Come]  After nearly a year’s worth of effort, I’m finally about to begin a new enterprise application implementation for my department. The general solution category is an “Integrated Workplace Management System” (IWMS). In short, IWMS are an assemblage of generalized and specific applications, processes, workflows, and communications components to centralize an area’s work, improve data quality, and to support management (e.g., generate metrics). For example, in the IT-sphere these are referred to as “Information Technology Service Management” (ITSM) solutions. In an ITSM you commonly provide a ticketing system to track events (e.g., requests and issues), time … Continue reading Writing Itch: Enterprise, Engage 

Writing Itch: Personal IT Projects 

A writing itch post satiates my need to put some thoughts to text and generate some site content in the process.  I’ve been thinking through ways to better organize the physical devices in my home and various IT projects. Besides the benefit of improving my use of space, doing this kind of cleanup and inventory puts me in mind to think though my next personal projects.  Current Systems DNS Services  Pi-Hole DNS Ad-blocking – pi-hole.net  Unbound Recursive DNS – unbound.net  Media Servers  Plex (Primary and a Backup) – plex.tv   Home Network  Unifi Network – ui.com  Unifi Protect (Cameras) – … Continue reading Writing Itch: Personal IT Projects