Full-Force February

Past kickoff, my enterprise engagement comes with the usual workloads, pressures, and surprises, leaving me a bit sapped at the end of the day that past few weeks. A typical engagement does drain my energies, but in this case, the need to be running multiple projects simultaneously can be a bit more trying. 

Although this is my first enterprise project with my current employer, there is comfort in the elements of this work that are consistent: Keeping the project on track, maintaining momentum, and managing interactions. 

However, one particular issue, while a bit too fresh, piques my interest for a longer piece on professionalism. Namely, that rate at which it appears to be diminishing and eroded by various forces, both positive and negative. On the site of positivity, remote work should be grounds to ease rigid professionalism. As an example, pushing employers to consider more flexible scheduling and performance-based assessment. I’ve worked for and convinced my leadership over the years to see value in this approach, as it benefits my own style. However, the increasing scarcity and erosion of professional behavior and accountability are a growing concern. 

My thoughts on this matter are not driven solely by one incident, but a confluence of events, interactions, and observations.